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Quitting My 9 to 5: Expense Calculator

Hey You!

Congrats on taking a MAJOR first step towards a big goal! Here are the steps to download and put your expense calculator to good use.

Enter your email address below. You'll be directed to the smartsheet, then you'll click "File", then "Make A Copy".

First, make sure the number you put into the "Monthly Net Income" tab is accurate. If your income fluctuates, feel free to take a 3 month average. 

Next, it's time to take a look at your spending.Take your time, really think about each and every last one of your expenses, and input them into this sheet. It will total them in each category, then deduct them from your budget.

After this is complete, you'll see if you have money leftover OR if you need to A) Figure out how to make more money or B) Start trimming your expenses. Can you cut back on a work lunch or 2? Can you make coffee at home instead of going to your favorite shop?

Remember, you'll likely need a cushion of 6 months worth of expenses in your savings to make sure things go smooth when you're ready to make the big leap and leave your day job. So, let's get to work.



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